"It's a brilliant machine"

In 2018 Ivor was looking at various cultivation machines on the market to maintain his “min-till” regime on the predominantly heavy clay soil found over the farm. “We had always used a set of discs to follow the combine on to the stubble before we enter the field to prepare the seed-bed for autumn crops. A tined stubble cultivator followed by another circuit with the discs make the ideal seed bed for us before sowing wheat and oil-seed rape with a mounted drill combination”.

Last year we decided to change our existing disc harrow and our local dealer suggested we “have a go with a Teagle”. After a successful demo we ordered a 4-metres hydraulic folding Multidisc XLH with a 600mm Pack Ring Roller. “The build quality was very impressive, second to none” claims Ivor, there’s plenty of steel and a lot of room for material to flow through”. The Multidisc XLH comprises 30 x 560mm boron steel discs in 2 rows, “we chose the new “wave” corrugated discs designed to chop and incorporate heavy trash says Ivor. “We also chose the Pack Ring Roller which is not too heavy and provides the ideal seed bed we seek, the cleaning knives between each ring ensures stones do not congregate in the roller, we are chuffed to bits with it”.

The Disc Harrow follows a NH 7210 and it needs it, purely for transport rather than working. After a full seasons work, has the machine lived up to expectations? “The build quality and performance of the machine is exceptional, it’s a brilliant machine” says Ivor.

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