"I like the simplicity of the 2 chain slat design as there is less to go wrong!"

Environmental stewardship is core to the management of the farm, which since 1985 has run both Organic Entry and Higher level Stewardship schemes. 

Correct maintenance of the nutrients in the farm’s clover leys is essential, and is achieved largely through the straw that is grown being sold for growing mushrooms. Once the mushrooms have been cropped, the substrate is returned to the farm and mixed with farmyard manure. It is at this point that the Titan 10 Spreader enters the story.

Simple maintenance

Adrian considered various makes of muck spreader and selected the Titan “based on it’s weight, robustness and ease of maintenance, and because the machine is manufactured in Cornwall, the proximity of support was also an advantage – should a problem occur, speed of response is paramount”.  

Adrian “was also impressed by the cutting and shredding action of the beaters, as well as the consistent ground cover behind the spreader.” Dan Martin the driver says “I like the simplicity of the 2 chain slat design as there is less to go wrong. For spreading compost we fitted the additional kit of compost paddles, which also work well in standard Farmyard Manure.”

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