Most economical for its performance

Most economical for its performance

Tomahawk 404M 505M 505XLM

The Weber family moved to northern Ontario in the spring of 2019 and bought an on-going dairy operation milking 50 cows. They currently grow alfalfa /grass hay, barley, corn for silage and oats & peas for baleage and hope the area will provide dairy farming opportunities for their sons. 

Due to the need for a bale processor for bedding, the Weber family researched several models on the market. They choose the Teagle 505XLM as the best fit for their operation for several reasons: 

  • Process round or square bales
  • Varoius discharge options
  • User-friendly design
  • Most economical for its performance

Also Teagle’s quick-hitch hook-up and un-hook is a breeze, allowing the tractor free for other uses on the farm.
They also chose to have the tub extension for processing big square bales, both 3x3 or 3x4 can be processed through 5’ diameter tub and the 2” screen is not just used for bedding it is also used to chop straw for the TMR dry cow ration.

Their operation is set-up for solid manure so the chopped straw works well with the stable cleaner and exceptionally works great in the dry cow / heifer pack barn. In the pack barn they are using 30% less straw compared to un-chopped conventional combined wheat straw. It has also saved  labour, especially in bedding pens. Pack manure stays drier longer and manure breaks down better making the end product easier to spread on the fields. Mr Weber states “Since adding the chopped straw to the dry cow ration, reducing energy and aiding in fibre intake we have seen great improvements in transitioning fresh cows."
He goes on to say “It is our first Teagle machine we own and are very pleased with performance. We have no regrets since we purchased this chopper and find its working great in our operation in the 5 months we have been using it.” “Teagle being a British build company has a very good reputation for building high quality equipment. Thornloe Farm Supply (local dealer) has proven to be an excellent and reliable service team for our farm.”

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