The Future = New Barn, New Processor, & Next Generation

The Future = New Barn, New Processor, & Next Generation

The Wiedrick Family have farmed in locality of Townsend Ontario since 1868, today the seventh generation is focused on the family, investments and long-term future of Mae-Mart Farms Ltd. Under the stewardship of Phillip today and the next generation, his son Marshall they farm 700 acres, run a feed mill seed cleaning business, raise 30,000 pigs and 300,000 chickens per annum. 

The established multi-storey chicken barns were ageing and new barn building guidelines, that only allows single storey barns, meant that the Wiedrick Family had to invest for the future. A purpose built fifty-six thousand square foot single storey barn was built. The old multi-storey barns were very labour intensive with numerous small bale processors working on different levels, now we can enter the barn at ground level and drive through with a one-man operation. Every 8 weeks 50,000 broilers leave the barn which is then subjected to a total clean out.

Fresh bedding processed to 1.5 inches in length from the Tomahawk 8150 is applied to an optimum bed depth of 3 inches. Manually, this routine was very labour intensive and took us several days, now we have the Tomahawk it is all completed within the same day, ready for the arrival of fresh stock.

Manure is applied to local fields and Phillip firmly believes that straw based litter has a greater benefit to soil structure than shavings which take longer to biodegrade. It certainly matches the Mae-Mart Farms vision by fulfilling the goals set out by the farm of; maintain safe, efficient and responsible operating procedures, achieve a unified and effective team, lower the cost of production.

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