I would have another Tomahawk Dual Chop definitely

I would have another Tomahawk Dual Chop definitely

Tomahawk 8150 Dual Chop

In 2009 Gordon was looking for a machine for bedding both cubicles and loose housed pens with straw grown on the farm. Gordon looked at various machines but found that ‘the Tomahawk Dual Chop was the only machine that could do both jobs, chopping short straw for cubicles and spreading long straw for loose housing’. 

Dual Chop makes Bedding pens and cubicles easy

Gordon processes around 1500 round bales/yr., and finds that ‘it is so easy to bed down that both pens and cubicles are bedded every day, using a principle of little and often to keep the cattle cleaner’.  Even with this regime straw is saved because the straw is spread evenly across the beds, and if a complete bale is not needed it is left in the machine ready for the next day. 

… and it is also used for Feeding

In addition ‘the machine can be used to process straw for feeding because the chop length can be varied to suit the ration by partially engaging the blades’. 

Would Mr Ross look at an alternative Feeder Bedder in the future?

‘No – I would have another Tomahawk Dual Chop, definitely.’


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