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Teagle Machinery Ltd have secured a Business Investment for Growth 2 grant

Дата: 28/11/2018

We are delighted to announce that Teagle Machinery Ltd have secured a Business Investment for Growth 2 grant (part-funded by European Regional Development Fund) which has allowed us to proceed with the purchase of much needed manufacturing equipment.

The grant has aided us in the purchase of a new Plasma Cutting Machine, CNC Turning Centre and Robotic Welder.

The investment will significantly enhance our manufacturing capability, allow for greater operational efficiency and throughput which we anticipate needing as demand for our new bale shredder grows. This new product is currently unique in the majority of markets we operate in and we need to build on this unique capability by capturing market share as quickly as we can.

We are currently operating at close to capacity and this investment will allow us to make a step change in production output rather than gradually ramp up by spreading in the investment over a number of years.

In summary, this project will enable Teagle Machinery to control the design, production and quality of its new sized bale shredder range, increase market share in this sector, improve export sales, and strengthen its overall brand values with a more diverse product range.